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Clinical Studies

Clinical Trial at University of Wollongong, Australia

To learn about the effectiveness of Bacopa Monniera ( CDRI patented) in memory retention.
Willing Participant : 79 people (40 to 65 years old)
Session 1
New info were given to the participant
Session 2
Their memory were recorded after 6 weeks of non-stop consumption of standardize extract of Bacopa Monniera from CDRI ( Memo Plus Gold)
Session 3
Their memory were recorded after 3 months of non-stop consumption of standardize extract of Bacopa Monniera from CDRI ( Memo Plus Gold)
The result showed a significant effect of the extract on the test for retention of newly given information. It was found that the rate of learning was unaffected and suggested that the extraxt decreases the rate of forgetting newly acquired information.
This result were publish in Neuro-psychologypharmacology 2002

Proves ??? Clinical Studies Done…

There are so many Clinical Trial have been done to Bacopa Monniera a.k.a Brahmi but the most popular, outstanding and interesting I would like you all to view came from these few sources I will put on display. Maybe later you can do your own research in the Internet to find other sources of clinical trial to satisfy your hunger for evidence..

Clinical Trial at Swinburne University of Technology, Victoria, Australia

This study aim to examine Bacopa Monniera ( CDRI patented) on memory function in healthy human subject.

Participant : 40 people ( 18 to 60 years old)

Result :-

a) Reduces anxiety and stress allowing focus and concentration
b) Enhance learning and recall level
c) Enhancing memories and control
d) Significant improvement in counting digit forward and digit backward
e) Improvement in paired associated learning

This result were publish in Psycopharmacology 2001

What Memo Plus Gold made of ?

Bacopa Monniera or Brahmi are well-known plant in India as it helps their ancient ancestor to enhance their memory and learning abilities in the older days. It a species of Water Hysops or “ Pegaga” and well-known as “Food for the Brain”.

It was recorded in ancient Indian scripture, Athar-Ved-Samhita. Similar references are also found in the Persian Book Zen Avesta ( C 600 BC ), Susruta Samhita ( C 200 AD) and Bhavaprakasa Nigantu ( Indian Materia Medica). 

Bacopa Monniera was also used by Buddhists’ Scholar at Nalanda University, the world’s first international university.

As for present time, scientific studies done on Bacopa Monniera revealed that it will

a) Enhancing learning and recall level of a user
b) Increasing level of alertness and freshness throughout the day
c) Facilitating long term and intermediate of memory
d) Treating ADHD and enhancing their concentration
e) Reducing anxiety and stress
f) Reducing and treating stroke-related cognitive impairment, AAMI, dementia and 
    natural supplement for Alzheimer’s disease. 

In short it helps to boost your memory and fight for brain and blood related diseases. If you have high blood pressure or unstable period days (women) you can also count on Memo Plus Gold to help you out.

Curious about Nalanda University,learn more by clicking here
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