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Success with Brain Power..

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Memo Plus Gold Malaysia Contest

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New Superb Testimonial.. UPSR 5A

Nurrul Asmar

Thank god, after my child continues consuming Memo Plus Gold, it works wonder. It showed in every test he had taken when he got repeatedly A's. Then on this year UPSR big exam, he scored 5A..

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Gold Opportunity

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Fall - Main Cause of Paralysis and Injury Amongst Senior Citizen

Fall are one of the main cause of injury and paralysis amongst Senior Citizen. The cause of this happening to our own parents might come in shape of sickness like Parkinson, Stroke, Joint Pains, Dementia and Katarak. So, to prevent worst case scenario from happening first we must prevent the diseases from taking place. 

Take Memo Plus Gold everyday to prevent Stroke, Parkinson and Dementia from happening.. equip with Laboratory Research, Memo Plus Gold  has gone forward as a traditional medicine whom can prevent the break out of early sign of those diseases..

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011


There's a lot of people nowadays who really take care of their health. They eat better food, exercise regularly, minimize daily intake of sugar & salt and some of them even go as far as taking daily supplement of Vitamins. For novices who doesn't really knew what types of Vitamins they need for their body, here a chart that you can refer to..

Besides taking commercial supplement which you can find  in nearly every Pharmacies, you can also opted for specific food or things that can naturally develop the very needed vitamins in your system. For example you can get Vitamin D by just being in the sunlight in a wee hour of morning. This also will push you to be out for early exercising which by coincidence will boost your health level also. Sweating also will allow your body to release unwanted toxin from your skin for a more healthy glow.

Please do refer to below pictogram for examples of said food..

By the way you can also opted in taking Memo Plus Gold as you daily supplement since it can boost up your health level as well as giving you more benefits in the long run.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

AAMI - Have a Good Memory even when you're 60's!

AAMI refers to the decline in MEMORY & INTELLIGENCE due to AGEING. It can occur at any age but becomes more noticeable in old age. It is seen more frequently and sooner in men than in women.



The anti-oxidative & neuroprotective action of Brahmi/Bacopa Monniera helps to prevent the onset of AAMI whereas the ability of the herb to boost brain functions & enhance memory helps to treat AAMI.

Monday, September 26, 2011



Modern scientific research has shown that as we grow older, our brain ages due to changes in chemical balance, attack of free radicals, change in lifestyle and nerve connections. Diseases such as Dementia and Alzheimer’s where the person loses his/ her memory and reasoning functions are related to a rapid brain ageing process.

Give yourself a helping hand with Memo Plus Gold. Memo Plus Gold is an all-natural herbal supplement developed scientifically from an ancient Ayurvedic formula. Memo Plus Gold contains the purified extract of Brahmi or Bacopa Monniera, a memory-enhancing herb that improves nerve impulse transmission in the brain for better memory and enhanced learning capability.

Memo Plus Gold is also a potent anti-oxidant that slows brain ageing. Brahmi has been traditionally used as an anti-anxiety, anti-fatigue and memory strengthening herb. Research shows that Brahmi has better memory enhancing effects than Gingko Biloba. The Brahmi extract is as potent an anti-oxidant as Vitamin E. We need good blood flow to and from our brain to remove waste and supply nutrients. Due to the ageing process, lipid peroxidation of fatty substances occurs, including those in brain cells. Brahmi has been found to reduce this damaging lipid.
Brahmi helps improve protein activity and protein synthesis, especially in brain cells, which can increase intelligence and decrease ageing. The Brahmi herb is commonly used as an anti-anxiety agent to help calm adults and restlessness in children or as a nervine tonic that enhances learning and academic performance, improves mental alertness and sharpens short-term and long-term memory. Memo Plus Gold is safe and effective.

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Bacopa May Help Your Brain Cope with Stress

 By Aaron W. Jensen, Ph.D.

ave you ever noticed that even as we try to simplify our everyday lives, our stress levels continue to escalate? Maybe that’s because our fast-paced lifestyles are inundated with mundane but insistent tasks—car repairs, grocery shopping, mowing the lawn, visiting the gym, kids’ piano lessons and soccer practice, cooking the evening meal, doctor and dentist appointments . . . . The list of things we need to accomplish daily seems endless. Each task takes a certain amount of time and patience—and when you’re running low on both of those, daily life can be mighty stressful. Some days are worse than others. Some days, in fact, you just want to holler, “Calgon, Take Me Away!”*

*That’s an ad slogan, for those of you who may be pop-culture-challenged.

Stress Is Inescapable
The stresses that engulf us take different forms. The most common and significant ones are physical, social, and work-related stresses, but other factors also contribute to our daily stress levels, such as noise, insomnia, anxiety, and depression. Even solar ultraviolet radiation, environmental toxins (both chemical and biological), and air pollution can raise your stress levels. One thing is for certain: sources of stress are everywhere. So it’s not surprising that your body has developed mechanisms for coping with it.
When you’re overly stressed, your immune system becomes compromised, your body’s functions become less efficient, and your mental faculties begin to falter. Fortunately, however, your cells have built-in coping mechanisms that are activated at such times. These processes are mediated by the synthesis of special proteins—those endlessly versatile molecular workhorses of the cell—to mobilize an effective and protective response.

Studying Stress with Molecular Chaperones
How do you study stress in a single cell in the laboratory? Do you look for the little guy to wipe the sweat off his brow? Bite his lip in concentration? Throw his hands up in despair? If only there were such telltale signs, science would be a whole lot easier. Sadly, these clues don’t exist in the molecular world, so scientists have had to devise other methods to study the stress response in cells.
The classic method used to induce a stress response in cells is to expose them to excess heat—but not too much, just a couple of degrees does the trick—a process called heat shock. Shocking cells with heat (or other stressors, such as cold, salt, toxins, or a variety of hormones) causes the cells to increase their production of a specific set of proteins, inventively called heat-shock proteins. But how does this help the cell survive stress?
Some heat-shock proteins are called chaperonins, a term that hints at their function as molecular “chaperones.” In this role, they help other proteins in the cell to maintain their normal structure (which is typically very complex owing to the intricate folding of the long chain of amino acids the protein is composed of). Heat and other stressors can cause proteins to denature, which means that they lose their normal shape through an unfolding of the chain. If this happens, the proteins also lose their normal function, which is critically dependent on their shape, and they are ultimately degraded in the cell.
Chaperonins help denatured proteins to fold back into their normal shape and will even help to refold misshapen proteins. In so doing, they restore functionality to the proteins, many of which are enzymes with critical tasks to perform. Chaperonins thus help cells to survive under stressful conditions and allow them to participate in normal metabolism, growth, and maturation.

Bacopa Activates Antistress Response
Scientists have long sought to understand the biological mechanisms that help you cope with stress and to develop, if possible, ways in which you can prompt your body to deal preemptively with the trials and tribulations of everyday life. One exciting development in this area of research centers on the Indian herb Bacopa monniera. Animal research shows that this herb, which is found in wet, marshy areas throughout India, appears to prime the stress-coping response in cells throughout the brain.
Traditional healing manuals from the ancient practice of Ayurvedic medicine in India reveal that Bacopa has long been used as a memory enhancer and anti-inflammatory agent. It has also been used to treat blood and kidney disorders, as well as to reduce fever. Current research has focused on the role that Bacopa plays in reducing stress, and a group of Indian researchers has recently demonstrated that it activates an antistress response in animals through the regulation of gene expression, the process that governs protein synthesis.1
How to Stress a Rat
The researchers isolated the principal active ingredients of Bacopa—chemical compounds called bacoside A and bacoside B—from the root of the plant and administered them to male rats that were then exposed to stress. They used doses of 20 mg and 40 mg per kg of body weight, which correspond to 1500 mg and 3000 mg, respectively, for a 75-kg (165-lb) human. Because rats are not subject to the same types of stress that we are—they don’t have auto accidents, e.g., or a boss standing over them demanding a final report by the end of the day—the researchers exposed them to stress in the form of physical restraint in a cold chamber (41ºF) at a low oxygen level (equivalent to an altitude of 15,000 ft).
One group of rats was pretreated with Bacopa for 7 days before exposure to the stress, and a control group was stressed similarly, but without the Bacopa pretreatment. After about 2 hours of the stress, when the animals’ core temperature had dropped to about 73ºF, they were removed and immediately decapitated so that the levels of certain stress-response proteins could be measured in different regions of their brains.

Antistress Proteins Perform Vital Functions
The proteins of interest were heat-shock protein 70 (Hsp70), two cytochrome P450 enzymes (EROD and PROD),* and the enzyme superoxide dismutase (SOD). These names may not roll trippingly off the tongue, but the molecules perform some very important functions. Hsp70 helps cellular proteins retain or regain their normal structure so that they remain functional. P450 enzymes, such as EROD and PROD, protect the body from certain toxins by converting them to less harmful compounds. And SOD dismantles especially destructive free radicals called superoxides, converting them to harmless organic compounds plus oxygen and hydrogen peroxide (the latter is inactivated by another enzyme, glutathione peroxidase, by conversion to water and oxygen).

*EROD stands for 7-ethoxyresorufin-O-deethylase, and PROD stands for 7-pentoxyresorufin-O-dealkylase. If you’re a chemist, these names tell you something about their specific functions. If not, however, just think of them as important detoxification enzymes.

Antistress Activities of Bacopa
In response to stress, the levels of Hsp70 normally increase in all regions of the brain. In stressed animals that had been pretreated with Bacopa for 7 days, however, the increase in Hsp70 levels was significantly less than normal in certain regions of the brain, notably the cerebral cortex and the hippocampus (a region of the brain that plays a central role in memory processes). What does this mean? By producing less Hsp70 in response to stress, those regions of the brain were indicating that the Bacopa had somehow made them less susceptible to stress. In effect, the Bacopa tended to keep those regions of the brain in a relatively nonstressed state even in the presence of stress.
Bacopa had a different impact on the levels of the two P450 enzymes. In rats treated with Bacopa but not exposed to stress, the levels of EROD and PROD increased throughout the entire brain (although the increase in EROD activity in the hippocampus was not statistically significant). This suggests that Bacopa tended to “prime” the brain for stress—in essence, the brain stockpiled these protective enzymes so that it could better deal with stress when it arose. Increased levels of the enzymes occurred most dramatically in the cerebral cortex following Bacopa treatment.

Bacopa somehow made those
regions of the brain less
susceptible to stress. In effect,
it kept them in a relatively
nonstressed state even in
the presence of stress.

The data pertaining to SOD were more difficult to interpret, because the factors affecting SOD levels and activity in brain tissue are more complicated, and they vary in different regions of the brain even under normal conditions. Nevertheless, the researchers were able to conclude that Bacopa treatment also has a positive effect on SOD activity in the brain. In their words, “. . . Bacopa helps in coping with the combined hypoxic, hypothermic, and immobilization stress, which could lead to an onslaught of free radicals.” Put in simpler terms, Bacopa treatment modulates SOD activity and prepares tissues to weather attacks by free radicals that may otherwise cause a great deal of damage to the brain’s neurons.
Bacopa Protects Certain Parts of the Brain
The Indian research suggests that Bacopa has protective benefits on select regions of the brain. But why is this important? Researchers have known for a long time that specific functions reside in specific regions of the brain. For example, the largest part of the brain, the cerebrum, is divided into two hemispheres—the right and the left—and controls many different functions. The left hemisphere controls speech, reading, writing, logic, and movement on the right side of the body. The right hemisphere is associated with creative and artistic abilities and coordinates movement on the left side of the body.* The hippocampus, on the other hand, is involved in various “executive” skills, such as learning, memory, and general cognition.

*This helps explain the terms right-brain and left-brain: in general, artists can be termed “right-brainers,” while strategists (of all sorts) rely on their powerful left brains. It also explains why stroke victims may lose muscle control and movement on only one side of their body: whichever hemisphere is damaged will affect movement on the opposite side of the body.

The fact that Bacopa selectively protects regions of the brain associated with memory and learning is not surprising if you consider that this herb has long been used as a memory enhancer in Ayurvedic medicine, which dates back over 2500 years. This healing tradition places particular importance on the restorative properties of Bacopa. Western medicine is warming to this herb as well, and a growing number of clinical trials support its memory-enhancing effect.
Bacopa Enhances Learning and Memory
One particularly important study on Bacopa was performed in Australia, using neuropsychological testing.2 These tests measure a number of different cognitive skills, such as attention, memory consolidation, short-term memory, problem solving, decision making, information processing, and verbal learning. In all, 16 well-validated tests were administered to 46 healthy adult subjects, starting at the outset of the study to establish baseline levels for each individual. Each participant was given 150 mg of Bacopa extract (equivalent to 3 g of the dried herb) twice daily (300 mg/day total) for 12 weeks. Neuropsychological performance was measured again at 5 weeks and 12 weeks.
The results demonstrated that Bacopa significantly improved performance on specific tests, most notably those dealing with information processing, verbal learning, and memory consolidation. The authors concluded that Bacopa improves cognitive processes that depend on environmental input and is especially important in learning and memory.
Bacopa for Good Brain Health
One of the most significant challenges to the health of individual brain cells comes in the form of oxidative stress. Despite its relatively small size, the brain consumes about 20% of all the oxygen that is taken into the body in order to help power its many activities. Owing to this gluttonous oxygen consumption, the brain is exposed to very high levels of oxidative stress in the form of free radicals, which can do a great deal of damage to the brain’s sensitive neurons in very little time.

The authors concluded that Bacopa
improves cognitive processes that
depend on environmental input
and is especially important in
learning and memory.

Since Bacopa arms our neurons with stress-protection mechanisms that boost the levels of protective proteins, this ancient herb may offer a strong defense against the ravages of oxidative stress. In these stressful times, that sounds like a good recipe for protecting and enhancing brain function. In a sense, you can think of Bacopa as a restorative trip to the spa for the brain. What could be better?
  1. Chowdhuri DK, Parmar D, Kakkar P, Shukla R, Seth PK, Srimal RC. Antistress effects of bacosides of Bacopa monnieri: modulation of Hsp70 expression, superoxide dismutase and cytochrome P450 activity in rat brain. Phytother Res 2002;16:639-45.
  2. Stough C, Lloyd J, Clarke J, Downey LA, Hutchison CW, Rodgers T, Nathan PJ. The chronic effects of an extract of Bacopa monniera (Brahmi) on cognitive function in healthy human subjects. Psychopharmacology 2001;156:481-4.

Dr. Jensen is a cell biologist who has conducted research in England, Germany, and the United States. He has taught college courses in biology and nutrition and has written extensively on medical and scientific topics.

Taken from

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Memo Plus Gold in Metro Harian 7 July 2011

We have been featured in Metro Harian paper today!!
Memo Plus Gold not only good for your memory but also for your health. Adik Siti Nur Aminah from Maktab Tahfiz who excell in both academic and sports has been kind enough to share her success with dear readers. She also known for taking around 1 year to remember the whole  Al-Quran and right now her good memory helps her a lot in achieving better result and general well being.

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Health Benefits of Coconut Water

Coconut water is one of the best natural drinks Mother Nature has packed for us within the kernel of coconut, this natural water is not only tasteful refreshing drink but can be considered as one of the best natural health drinks from herbal world. Here are some health benefits of coconut water:-
1. Drinking coconut water keeps the body cool and at the proper temperature.
2. Coconut Water is an Antibacterial. Coconut water contains monolaurin, an antiviral, antibacterial and antiprozoal monoglyceride that is used to kill lipid-coated viruses such as HIV, Herpes, cytomegalovirus, flu and various pathogenic bacteria.
3. Coconut water is great at reducing vomiting. People who have typhoid, malaria, fevers or other ailments that are known to induce vomiting drink coconut water to settle the stomach. As such, coconut water is also a good thing to drink during a hangover.
4. Coconut helps in keeping check over urinary infections. It is very effective in treating kidney and urethral stones.
5. Coconut water is very effective in treating intestinal disturbances in infants. It kills intestinal worms.
6. Making coconut a part of the daily diet is recommended for those who have been troubled by kidney stones. When taken along with mediation, it helps break up the stones, making it easier for the body to push them out.
7. For all those people who are trying to lose weight, drinking coconut water would prove quite useful. This is because the drink increases the rate of metabolism, thus aiding weight loss

Monday, May 23, 2011

Memo Plus Gold Treats ADHD

CDRI Brahmi increases the level of SEROTONIN, a brain chemical known to promote relaxation. The herb's ability to boost brain functions while reducing anxiety help to treat ADHD.

You can help your child by giving them Memo Plus Gold everyday and support them by teaching your child at least 10 minutes everyday. Your support and teaching will accelerate their learning process and helps them to maintain self disciplin.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Memo Plus Gold, DepEd, PBN strengthen education - News From Philipines

THE country’s trusted herbal dietary supplement for memory enhancement – Memo Plus Gold, had just recently partnered with the Department of Education and PBN Broadcast Network to launch Memo Plus Gold IQ Challenge.

The competition, open only to high school students in the Bicol Region, started last October 2, 2010 and will culminate in February 2011. A total of 96 schools from all over Bicol sent their best students to compete.

Memo Plus Gold IQ Challenge is the result of Davenben’s (exclusive distributor of MPG) effort in helping the Department of Education strengthen the quality of education in Bicol. As stated by the company’s president, Mr. Leonard Benesa: “By having a competition like this, students learn the value of studying hard. They also learn the value of teamwork and confidence in themselves and others. The students who represent their schools are also big inspirations to their peers who would like to participate in the future. Memo Plus Gold is proud to help DepEp keep the youth in school and in studying harder.”

Contract signing was held last October 23 at LCC Mall in Legaspi City, during the 1st Monthly Finals of Memo Plus Gold IQ Challenge.

Memo Plus Gold is formulated from the extracts of Bacopa monniera (also known as Brahmi) and has been traditionally used in the ancient “Ayuverdic” medical system to enhance memory, improve concentration and learning, and promote good health for thousands of years. Bacopa monniera works best as a single herb, and best in take in capsule form.

..................................................................................................................... BusinessWeek Mindanao

Due to freedom in advertising herbal medicine, Memo Plus Gold are so well known in other countries such as Philipines, Singapore, Australia, Thailand, India and many more. With that freedom awareness can be reach to consumer more effectively and extensively.


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Food for Arthritis

Patient with arthritis should not be taking food that contains high protein because the excess will be turned into uric acid which will cause more pain and damage. In normal circumstances uric acid will be terminated from your body through urination but some of it also will accumulate through the years and arthritis or gout will be born.

Did you know even Milk have to be chosen wisely?

Stay with nature as close as you can and that means do not lose the true nature of the food. Basically many types of Milk is in the market which often being commercialize and exaggerated of its benefit. I, myself always take Full Cream Milk because it is as close as you can get to the fresh milk taken from a cow. Think rationally and be Sherlock for a moment here. We do know not all fats are bad and I never seen anyone drink Full Cream Milk become fat. You also have to think how many process do the milk need to go and what things will be added and extracted when those milk will eventually label as LOW FAT, contains DHA or more calcium for Bones. Throughout all these unnecessary process the milk will lose its benefit and freshness.

Don’t we all learn at school that milk, just milk ( no mentioning on whether it’s Low Fat or ect) is good for our health and body ?

So stay close to mother nature and you’ll be rewarded with health for the whole family and in much more cheaper way too.

STAY AWAY from processed food!!

Don’t get me wrong. It doesn’t mean you have to stay away from tinned food ( like Ikan Sardin which is so popular in Malaysia) only, even regular kitchen products such as rice, sugar, flour, salt and so on. A lot of Chinese people in Malaysia have this awareness and you can see them eating brown rice and using brown sugar which is the true nature color of the said products. Only after processed that the products becoming white which is naturally the color we like and we trust ( wink wink ). Not only processed food but we also have to be extra careful to the vegetables nowadays. A lot of pesticides being used by farmers to get beautiful veggies and it will cause damage to us as well. Sometimes, I think it’s better not to take veggies if you cannot afford to buy the organic one. For what you eat if it’s only added to the accumulation of toxic in your body.

For arthritis patients it is important that they stay away from nuts and seafood. It can make their conditions worsen and painful. They also need to stay away from veggies such as Tomato, Eggplant and lots of cold types veggies. Some patients can take some of the food listed above without problems. The most important thing is experiment yourself with those foods. It will give you better view of what you can and cannot eat.

P/s : All of the above has been written from my own opinion and through a lot of readings..

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Eaziflex - Fight for Your Freedom!!

Pain in the joints is the most common symptom of Arthritis. Arthritic pain can be so excruciating that it can rob a person of his mobility. Basic movements, like getting out of bed, becomes a dreaded exercise in pain.

Arthritis literally means the inflammation of a joint caused by the destruction of the articular cartilage on the ends of the bones as they meet in the joint. It is usually diagnosed through symptoms such as swelling, tenderness, redness, aches and pains around the joint area.

A silent , permanently crippling disease

Arthritis ranks second as the most prevalent chronic disease after heart disease. It usually occurs among older people but Arthritis can affect younger ones too. Alarming statistics estimate that 60 percent of the population will have some form of Arthritis by the age of 60. This disease is also three times more common in women than in men.

There are basically three type of Arthritis - Osteoarthritis, Traumatic Arthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis. From these three, there are over 200 variations of Arthritis ranging from Rheumatism, Osteoporosis, Psoriatic Arthritis, Gout, Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis. Arthritis is a progressive disease and if left untreated, could lead to permanent disability.

Is it possible to be pain-free?

Modern medical sciences have yet to find a cure for Arthritis. Patients suffering from Arthritis will have to seek medical attention and endure excruciating pain for the rest of their lives.

Current medical treatment are aimed at relieving pain, increasing mobility, reducing inflammation and stopping or slowing down joint damage. Medication such as Aspirin and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), is used to reduce pain and inflammation but these drugs are often associated with serious side effects, for instance. gastrointestinal bleeding, ulcers and abdominal pain.

Fortunately, the ancient Ayurvedic medical system has proven effective in the treatment of Arthritis, Ayurveda is a system of self -care, containing techniques for determining the unique constitutional balance of a person . Ayurveda has been practiced for thousands of years and its traditional formulations have been

Eaziflex - an effective Ayurvedic treatment

Some Ayurvedic herbs have been known to possess marked anti-inflammatory properties such as the Salai Guggul and Piper Longum. Eaziflex has proven effective in treating Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis, Spondylitis, Acute Muscular Rheumatism and lower back pain.

Each capsule of contains:

  • Salai guggul (200mg), the resin from the Boswellia Serrata tree, also known as Dhup. Ayurvedic physicians and tribal communities have used it for centuries to treat rheumatism, related ailments and nervous diseases. Salai Guggul works by improving blood supply to joints as well as restoring the integrity of damaged vessels. It has demonstrated remarkable effectiveness in several acute and chronic experimental clinical test models of inflammation. It is free from gastric ulcerogenic effects, side effects on the central nervous system and the cardiovascular system.
  • Piper Longum (50gm) which improves the bio-availability of Salai Guggul and is traditionally used to treat rheumatism, gout and lumbago.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

We Cannot Be Healthy without a Sharp Mind!!

BACOSIDE B is the FOOD for the BRAIN


1) A protein molecule that nourishes the cells in our Brain

2) Repairs our damaged Brain cells

3) Increase Memory ability

4) Decreases Forgetfulness

5) Prevents Mental Illnesses

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What Is Memo Plus Gold ??

1 ) A herbal memory formula extracted from the famous Brahmi plant ( Bacopa Monnieri)
2) A natural memory enhancer and brain tonic
3) A powerful Antioxidant
4) An ant i- depressant and anti - stress agent

The Brahmi herb has gained worldwide recognition as a memory booster in improving brain cell functions for promoting mind alertness and is widely regarded as a powerful anti oxidant.

A herbal plant consumed for thousands of years for memory enhancement. Contains :-


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Monday, February 28, 2011

University Students' Top Grade with Memo Plus Gold

Nor Hamizah, UUM Sintok, Kedah.

I've been taking memo Plus Gold continuously since my secondary school days. At first, my mom told me that the capsules she gave me will lessen my sleepiness in class. This was due to the fact that my teachers complained regarding my habit of dozing off in class from time to time and also the fact that i got problem on staying focus in class. Moreover i rather disturb my friends than listening to teacher when i'm not sleeping.

Thank to god, after taking Memo Plus Gold i am more alert in class and my result getting better and better. Through out my secondary school i manage to get 1st place or 2nd place in each examination i attended.

Now i'm already studying in one of the Major University in Malaysia, Universiti Utara Malaysia ( UUM, Kedah) and i'm already in third semester and still taking memo Plus Gold without fail. I am proud to say that i also earn 3 Dean's List certificates because i manage to get excellent result in examinations.

Memo Plus Gold not only heighten my concentration in class but it also kick out my sleepiness and boredom even with 6 hours worth lecturing. Besides that, sometimes my class will start as early as 8 in the morning and finish as late as 11 at night. Some more tomorrow i have to wake up early for Solat ( prayer) and to do preparation before i go for new class. Memo Plus Gold give me energy to withstand all that and more for my life as as University Student. Thanks to Memo Plus Gold my road to success become much easier.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Price Increased !!

First and foremost we would like to wish everyone Happy New Year 2011. Along the way we meet a lot of interesting people who shared with us their success in academic and also their happiness for having a good health due to Memo Plus Gold, Cogent db+ and Eaziflex.

For 14 years we absorbed all the cost incurred ranging from price of raw material as well as transportation charges. And after a very hard decision we decided to increase Memo Plus Gold's price to RM59.90 only. The slight increase will help us to continue our intention in helping the children of Malaysia to achieve not only flying colors in academic but also great success in co curriculum as well.

We hope parents , students, teachers and all Malaysian will continues to support us in our mission to make successful students and healthy Malaysian.

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