Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Put In Respect not Fear

Bringing up a child is hard work. You want them to be someone useful when they grow up and have a good life. In addition to that you would want them to have high moral value so that they will take care of you when you gets old. 

Putting respect whilst you educated them about life is crucial. It's the part they will always remember when they mature and starting their own life. When a child is raise based on fear they will retaliate in a manner of breaking the law, lack of ethics and some even became dangerous criminals. All this because what they have been taught when they are younger. 

They will have no respect for law, people and even family members. So you want to put respect into whatever you do in bringing up your child. Let them know how much respect can bring a different in life. 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

STPM : Success and Failure

Yesterday STPM result was announced and like usual there's some who succeeded and some who failed. But STPM still in the beginning of education and there are more to come. Even having a degree doesn't make it easy to have your dream job nowadays. Some work description require at least a Master in the field to secure the job. 

So don't be disappointed if you get less than others but work harder to achieve much higher goals in life. Whereas for those who succeeded, congratulations is in order but don't let it get to your head cause the road is still longer and you need to be extra careful to reach your destination.  

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

How to Address Children's Behaviour

Simply to put children learns from their environment. Where they live, how their parent and how they are living their lives will determine one's behaviour. From their first touch onto the world their behaviour will start to develop and continues to go on until they step into maturity. 

They usually lean on parent as an example to their behaviour so brace yourself to become a role model of your tots. It's hard to make children understand good or bad of their behaviour based on observation alone so parents has to be verbal in their journey to teach them. Give example of what's bad and the consequences of doing the deeds. Establish clear lines and rules for them to follow so that they get used to follow it through out their growing paces. 

source : alhameedy

Behaviour patents usually connected to how they feel and what they think on their lives. Some children became obsess with success because they have been feed with perfection since babies. So they tend to become compulsive, hard working and sometimes destructive. 

Because of that parents play important roles in their children's life. They need to be clear on their hopes as well as giving breathing space for their children to make choices and mistakes. As long as they communicate with each other, there will be a bonding lines between them that will be a buffer if any problem arise in the future. So, parents be vigilant when raising your child so that you can develop the best behaviour for them.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Language - Easy to Learn with Memo Plus Gold

Memo Plus Gold makes learning new languages easier and faster. A lot of testimonials from our consumers showed that it helps them to remember better and apart from that retaining the memory longer that it used to. 
Because of that it helps in the long run and it makes it easier to recite back everything they learn.

Memorizing holy Al-Quran has been one of the main stream in selected school in Malaysia. While it has not been easy, a lot of them still opted for this kind of school and succeed with much difficulties. A lot of them or parents to be exact finding ways to help these students perform better in school as well as their extra curricular activities. 

Some of them found Memo Plus Gold and glad about it like Nur Hidayah. She study hard and manage to keep the memorizing for a very long time because of Memo Plus Gold helps her retain those memory longer than usual. Apart from that, she lacks of the stress factor accompanied other students who didn't consume Memo Plus Gold. 

Read her true story on how Memo Plus Gold has helped her attained great success in studies and examinations. Be motivated and start trying Memo Plus Gold now!

For more info feel free to call us at 03-6275 2020 or see our facebook page for more interactions. 

Monday, March 4, 2013

Colours For Health

Red Fruits and Vegetables
Contain nutrients such as lycopene, ellagic acid, Quercetin, and Hesperidin, to name a few. These nutrients reduce the risk of prostate cancer, lower blood pressure, reduce tumor growth and LDL cholesterol levels, scavenge harmful free-radicals, and support join tissue in arthritis cases.

Orange and Yellow fruits and vegetables
Contain beta-carotene, zeaxanthin, flavonoids, lycopene, potassium, and vitamin C. These nutrients reduce age-related macula degeneration and the risk of prostate cancer, lower LDL cholesterol and blood pressure, promote collagen formation and healthy joints, fight harmful free radicals, encourage alkaline balance, and work with magnesium and calcium to build healthy bones.

Green vegetables and Fruit
Green vegetables contain chlorophyll, fiber, lutein, zeaxanthin, calcium, folate, vitamin C, calcium, and Beta-carotene. The nutrients found in these vegetables reduce cancer risks, lower blood pressure and LDL cholesterol levels, normalize digestion time, support retinal health and vision, fight harmful free-radicals, and boost immune system activity.

Blue and purple fruits and vegetables
Contain nutrients which include lutein, zeaxanthin, resveratrol, vitamin C, fiber, flavonoids, ellagic acid, and quercetin. Similar to the previous nutrients, these nutrients support retinal health, lower LDL cholesterol, boost immune system activity, support healthy digestion, improve calcium and other mineral absorption, fight inflammation, reduce tumor growth, act as an anticarcinogens in the digestive tract, and limit the activity of cancer cells.

White fruits and vegetables
Contain nutrients such as beta-glucans, EGCG, SDG, and lignans that provide powerful immune boosting activity. These nutrients also activate natural killer B and T cells, reduce the risk of colon, breast, and prostate cancers, and balance hormone levels, reducing the risk of hormone-related cancers.

Source : Color Wheel
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