Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Sugar Price Increase!

With the immediate effect on sugar price increased, government hope diabetes patient to dwindle in the future. They are banking on prevention is better than cure philosophy. As a show of support, we also has been introducing our end of the year sales on Cogent db+ to help diabetes patients on the complications.

So get your supply on Cogent db+ now and feels the different in your life.

Usual Price = Rm139.60 1 set permonth



Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Eaziflex : Your Joint Pain & Gout Solution

Ever had the uncomfortable wake up call at night because of the pain in your lower back?

Or you feel a prick of pain at your kneecap when waking up every morning?

Joint pains has been a common symptom of much dangerous forms of Arthritis which can disable you if not being treated earlier.  Some might have ignore it as a sign of aging process whilst others paying a visit to their respective doctors for advise. 

But does chemically enhance medicine works well in a long run? 

Will it have an after effect to your body ? 

It's just one of many questions that will occur in your mind.

Many patients nowadays has develop an awareness of bad body  reaction to chemical drugs consume in the long run and start to favor herbal medicine instead. 

Eaziflex has been in the Malaysia market for the past 16 years and has helped many consumer in the long run. As a herbal remedy, it took slightly longer time to help patients feel the different but it's certainly worth to wait. Eaziflex not only helps in bringing down the pain, it's also treat the source of the pain so you will have a pain free time in the future. And as a bonus, this herbal remedy won't disturb your body function in the long run.

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