Thursday, May 31, 2012

Memo Plus Gold Side Effect

Everyday there's a lot of customer asking about side effect on consuming Memo Plus Gold for a long term. Memo Plus Gold has been classified as Traditional Medicine in Malaysia market due to it's 100% herbs propriety but did you know that Memo Plus Gold has been borne in a research center in India.. 

Yes, Memo Plus Gold has been clinically studied and scientifically formulated in Central Drug Research of India ( CDRI) in Lucknow, New Delhi. It is an Indian Government's Premier Research Institute which also receive WHO - World Health Organization recognition. 

Every capsule of Memo Plus Gold has been standardize so that the potency of each capsules met the requirement of the Institute. There has been over 100 research papers published on the herbs being used by CDRI to make Memo Plus Gold which is Brahmi or Bacopa Monnieri. Well known University in Australia (Swinburne and Wollongong) also receiving grant and had done clinical studies on Memo Plus Gold regarding it uses in treating Dementia and ADHD which has proven as beneficial to both illnesses.

Nowadays Memo Plus Gold has been internationally used in a lot of countries around the globe such as India itself, Philippines, Thailand, Australia, Singapore, Brunei and of course Malaysia. We have been promoting Memo Plus Gold in Malaysia for a close of 15 years now and a lot of students have benefited from it.You have to study of course but Memo Plus Gold helps you in terms of retaining your memory, enhancing your focus in class and helps prevent tiredness after a long day at school.

So if you were asking me, "Is there any side effect for taking Memo Plus Gold? "..i would confidently said "NO". It what you would expect from a 100% herbal and an International product. It is all quality, safety and a surety to don't wait and grab this opportunity to eat this International product and gain your success..

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