Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Memo Plus Gold Malaysia Contest

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Friday, November 25, 2011

New Superb Testimonial.. UPSR 5A

Nurrul Asmar

Thank god, after my child continues consuming Memo Plus Gold, it works wonder. It showed in every test he had taken when he got repeatedly A's. Then on this year UPSR big exam, he scored 5A..

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Gold Opportunity

Great Dealer Come with Great Testimony

Pn Asmah Yunus  017-5799706
District : Perak -Manjoi

She was a proud mother and like any other mother wanted the best for their children. And like any mother she worried on her children education and the downturn of their result. What's more when the big examination just around the corner. When she learn about Memo Plus Gold she was adamant to try it for her children. She also become a dealer to help her other friend whom also looking for a good product for their children. Her hard work was repaid when her daughter scored in her PMR. She was so happy to be part of her daughter success.

Besides that she also got the benefit of being a dealer and friends when not only her friends thanks her for helping them out but also when she received FREE VACATION because of her hard work in helping others also. Noted as one of the best Memo Plus Gold's dealer in Malaysia.

Our Dealer Are The Best Testimony 
Cause they don't bluff, they tried it..they help people..
How about YOU? Interested to try or to become dealer ? 
Call Pn Lina 019-260 7660 for appointment today.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Fall - Main Cause of Paralysis and Injury Amongst Senior Citizen

Fall are one of the main cause of injury and paralysis amongst Senior Citizen. The cause of this happening to our own parents might come in shape of sickness like Parkinson, Stroke, Joint Pains, Dementia and Katarak. So, to prevent worst case scenario from happening first we must prevent the diseases from taking place. 

Take Memo Plus Gold everyday to prevent Stroke, Parkinson and Dementia from happening.. equip with Laboratory Research, Memo Plus Gold  has gone forward as a traditional medicine whom can prevent the break out of early sign of those diseases..

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


There's a lot of people nowadays who really take care of their health. They eat better food, exercise regularly, minimize daily intake of sugar & salt and some of them even go as far as taking daily supplement of Vitamins. For novices who doesn't really knew what types of Vitamins they need for their body, here a chart that you can refer to..

Besides taking commercial supplement which you can find  in nearly every Pharmacies, you can also opted for specific food or things that can naturally develop the very needed vitamins in your system. For example you can get Vitamin D by just being in the sunlight in a wee hour of morning. This also will push you to be out for early exercising which by coincidence will boost your health level also. Sweating also will allow your body to release unwanted toxin from your skin for a more healthy glow.

Please do refer to below pictogram for examples of said food..

By the way you can also opted in taking Memo Plus Gold as you daily supplement since it can boost up your health level as well as giving you more benefits in the long run.
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