Monday, March 31, 2014

Memo Plus Gold : PMR 8A, SPM 9A - No Problem!

Rm 59.90 for Peninsular and Rm 65.90 ( Sabah/Sarawak).

Monday, March 17, 2014

Memo Plus Gold : I've Been Eating for More Than 9 Years

This particular testimonial had proven that Memo Plus Gold can be consume how ever long that you need to achieve your dream. You can actually eat it when you're in kinder garden and continue taking it until you're old. There's no limit in enhancing your thinking capability and memory retention. 

Call 03-6275 2020 for more details or go to to purchase online.

Friday, February 28, 2014

7A in PMR for Working Hard + Good Memory

Call us at 03-6275 2020 for further info. Get your Memo Plus Gold now for excellency in your exams!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Testimonial of Memo Plus Gold - 5A's to Dean's List

With so many testimonials, no wonder Memo Plus Gold is one of the best in giving your memory a boost to excel in everything you do. Remember better and live better!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Memo Plus Gold : The Ultimate Memory Booster

Being in the market since 1997, Memo Plus Gold has been one of the leading product for memory. Even without proper advertisement, through out the years we are still selling in the right momentum with almost 90% loyal consumer. Some of the new one coming from grapevines created by testimonials from older consumer. They see positive result on their children and they share it with relatives, siblings, neighbors and so on. And they also hooked up with our Memo Plus Gold and continues the grapevines. 

So, if you're thinking about never heard of Memo Plus Gold maybe you're the one who going to start spreading testimonials and created grapevines about it. Try it and feels the different since you're fated to get to know about this amazing product.

Briefly, Memo Plus Gold has been selling like hot banana fritters in Philippines. It's also has been researched by Universities in Australian and by CDRI of India. It has proven it's efficacy through research as well as having testimonials by millions of people. 

If you're still not convince, why don't you try it yourself. Try it, consume it daily for 4 to 6 months and see the different yourself. You'll be more alert with great memories and you'll be less tired as well. 

Memo Plus Gold, once's you eat'll never forget!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Back To School Sales!

Get an amazing discount for Memo Plus Gold when you buy it now at our website.

Promo stands until 12th Jan 2014.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Memo Plus Gold : Don't Start When It's Too Late

Everything you eat or do won't be showing it's immediate effect. Same goes to Memo Plus Gold. Because it was manufactured from natural herbs the goodness of the herb which we consume daily will show slowly after some time. On this matter, maximum 3 months you can see it's result on your body and mind.

So, if you're going to enroll in school or college please make sure 3 months before you enter you already eating this capsules regularly. 

What benefits you can get from Memo Plus Gold ?

Apart from GOOD MEMORY, you can also alleviate your stress level, strengthen your FOCUS and make sure you stay healthy and energetic throughout your day. Isn't it great for students who needs a lot of energy to be able to have all that and more with just consuming Memo Plus Gold regularly..


Monday, November 11, 2013

Let's Pray for Philippines

May our brothers and sisters have a strong heart to overcome the disasters that fell upon them. We can only pray and hope all will be safe and okay. God bless you all..

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Sugar Price Increase!

With the immediate effect on sugar price increased, government hope diabetes patient to dwindle in the future. They are banking on prevention is better than cure philosophy. As a show of support, we also has been introducing our end of the year sales on Cogent db+ to help diabetes patients on the complications.

So get your supply on Cogent db+ now and feels the different in your life.

Usual Price = Rm139.60 1 set permonth



Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Eaziflex : Your Joint Pain & Gout Solution

Ever had the uncomfortable wake up call at night because of the pain in your lower back?

Or you feel a prick of pain at your kneecap when waking up every morning?

Joint pains has been a common symptom of much dangerous forms of Arthritis which can disable you if not being treated earlier.  Some might have ignore it as a sign of aging process whilst others paying a visit to their respective doctors for advise. 

But does chemically enhance medicine works well in a long run? 

Will it have an after effect to your body ? 

It's just one of many questions that will occur in your mind.

Many patients nowadays has develop an awareness of bad body  reaction to chemical drugs consume in the long run and start to favor herbal medicine instead. 

Eaziflex has been in the Malaysia market for the past 16 years and has helped many consumer in the long run. As a herbal remedy, it took slightly longer time to help patients feel the different but it's certainly worth to wait. Eaziflex not only helps in bringing down the pain, it's also treat the source of the pain so you will have a pain free time in the future. And as a bonus, this herbal remedy won't disturb your body function in the long run.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Memo Plus Gold : Effective ?

The first question that came to mind when we heard about a product is how effective it is as what has been advertise. It's common for us to ask for proof, testimonials or even clinical studies to support that claim on effectiveness of the product. 

Memo Plus Gold had always easily win people's trust with it's standard as leader of Memory ENHANCEMENT product that works so effective to consumer. 

Why consumer TRUST Memo Plus Gold so easily ?

1. Clinical Studies

A product from government of India, Memo Plus Gold has been widely researched at Central Drug Research Institute of India and Australian University for it's beneficial values in memory, illnesses and other uses for human conditions. It is guaranteed safe to consume and standardize for optimum effect.

2. Proof

Usually before 3 months, consumers will feel the different in terms of their memory retention, focus and energy. This you have to try it yourself in order to believe.

3. Testimonials

In case you wonder, we have tons of testimonials from consumer who willing enough to divulge their secret success ammo. Of course it's Memo Plus Gold. You can browse through previous post for all those testimonials or can drop in to our facebook here

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Memo Plus Gold : Activate Brain Development

Memo Plus Gold has been in the market for the past 16 years and still going strong. The secret of it's effectiveness lay in the standardize herbal capsule strictly monitored by Central Drug Research, India (CDRI). Consume regularly, Memo Plus Gold will activate our brain cells which hold functions to our body and organs. Resulting than that, consumer will get a lot of benefits such as increase in memory retention, higher focus and more energetic through out their day. 

Since memory related so close to success, having their retention extended beyond normal may bring a different between 2 person who consume and with whom who do not. 

Memo Plus Gold a superior product on its own in helping students succeed in their studies and excel during their exam. 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Less Study Hard, More Study Smart

UPSR already finish and it's time for PMR and SPM students to buck up cause their timing is nearing. PMR will be on another few weeks time and students should already finish hard core flash back of every subject and just maintaining notes for remembrance.

At this point students should study smart and do a lot of exercise on past years examination to learn tips and tricks of the questions. How can they start on being smart in their studies?

During this crucial moment, students must

1. THINK - start working on a strategy that works in battling every subject of the examination. Different subjects may need different approach. For example, Mathematics need more exercise in doing questions so you could familiarize yourself in solving the problems and which formula to use. Whereas subject such as History need more of the mind map so you can remember about the facts and dates.

2. PLAN - after working on your strategy, you should have a clear picture on what to do during last few weeks prior to your exam. Instead of remembering formula for Math, you do light exercise everyday so you'll be more ready to tackle the tricks of exam's questions. Plan on how many exercise you need to do on each topic. Sometimes you can hear rumors from friends in other states on what will be out. So take it as indicator of topic you need to cover more. 

3. EXECUTE - you have your strategy and plan already in place. Since it's merely weeks away from the real exam, you should already execute it. Don't just read the formula instead you should start doing exercises. Even when you already have note on important facts for subject such as History and Geography, don't just read but look at past years papers. Sometimes the questions is the same but just with different twist in it. Familiarize yourself with answers given for those questions so that you know how it should be answered.

Now you are ready to study SMART. Instead of opening your text books, now you have small notes on important facts and exercises you can do to sharpen your ability to answer. 

Good Luck!  

Thursday, September 12, 2013

How to Remember ?

Learn technique on how to remember with this video.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Excellent Result with Memo Plus Gold

Big examinations are just around the corner. So make your final step smartly and start to do lots and lots of past years questions. It will help you get a clear picture on the twist and turn of real examination questions you might encounter later on.

At this point play smart rather than hard is your best bet for excellent result. Eat your Memo Plus Gold everyday for power booster as well as memory power so you can study without delays. 

So all the best and take a look at Oze Marketing examination paper link. 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

How to Be RICH : Attitude Overhaul

5 ways to enhance your attitude and on your way to be RICH!

1. Say Yes to Life.

“Be not afraid of life. Believe that life is worth living, and your belief will help create the fact.” -Henry James

Wonderful blessings will come to you when you say YES in upgrading your life. Say YES to opportunity and success. Say YES to making your own decisions and not seeking approval of others. Say YES to a fulfilling and rewarding career. Say YES to a relationship that energizes, supports and stimulates you. Say YES to living without guilt, resentment or regrets. Say YES to spending more time on your self improvement. Say YES to living an authentic life. Say YES to taking chances and freeing yourself from fear. Say YES to happiness and achievements. Say YES to a well-lived life.

2. Love Yourself and Others Unconditionally.

"Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude; it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.....” I Corinthians 13: 3, 5)

When was the last time you loved without hesitation or caution? Withholding love as a means of control only leads to distrust and resentment. Loving unconditionally means loving without judgment. Free yourself from unrealistic expectations and accept the person you love for who they are. Do not expect your needs and wants to be fulfilled by someone else. Allow those you love to express themselves without fear of rejection. Do not punish yourself or loved ones for past mistakes. People use the word love very loosely, but do not stop to think of the implications of using the word. Take the time to be responsible in how you show love. Allow yourself to love and be loved.

3. Take Risks 
“There came a time when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” - Anais Nin

Everything in life involves a risk. Are you allowing fear of rejection and failure to dictate your life? Fear inhibits success. Take chances and free yourself from limiting beliefs. Taking risks empowers you to take charge of your life. Be curious about life; experiment and try new things. Set goals for yourself and take action. Step out of what is safe, comfortable and familiar to you. Examine what feelings emerge when you are thinking about taking a risk. Ask yourself, “What am I afraid of?” Concealing yourself in a safe container prevents you from exploring other possibilities. Embrace the unknown and anticipate success. You will never know the outcome if you don’t take the risk.

4. Make the Impossible, Possible 
“The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”- Winston Churchill

Think it can’t happen; then it won’t. It is possible to get through the difficult times in life. Learn from failures and take responsibility for your life. Listening to your inner critic can sabotage your dreams. Silence the critic by reaffirming all the things you are capable of doing. Dream big and be excited about your future. Find and release your untapped talents. Believe in your abilities and discover what you have to offer the world. Think about all the things you can’t do and try to do them. Think back to a time, when something was difficult and you were able to overcome the challenge. Continuing to live life in a safe container doesn’t help you gain anything in life. Take the necessary actions to achieve your goals. Stop assuming and start achieving!

5. Make Your Life Really Count.
“How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.” - Annie Dillard

What’s your legacy? How do you want to be remembered? The life you live defines who you are and the choices you make will determine what impact you will have on the lives of others. Never underestimate the power of your words and actions. You were uniquely created to make a contribution to the world. It is your right and your obligation to make your mark in this world. Surround yourself with people who are supportive, positive and encouraging. Show appreciation and gratitude to those around you. If you have a message to share, then share it with the world. Staying small and thinking small will not get you where you need to be in life. Starting today, have a new perspective on life. Start a new chapter in your life.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Smile More & You Might Get Success Easy

Smiling is FREE and EASY

It's also one of many ways to make you a successful person..

Let's see some of the benefits you can achieve just by being generous with a smile..even to a stranger!

1. Smile and you are a Friendly person - people will approach you to talk and maybe it would be your lucky break eh!! who knows right?

2. Smile and the receiver will feel HAPPY - smile automatically will make you feel happy and when you're down and people smile at you, you can't stop yourself than smiling back.

3. Smile and it will infects others - it's just subconscious act that we do when we in the smiling zone..and a smiling zone is a happy zone. 

4. Smile and you're popular - who don't want to befriend friendly people. And friendly people a lot of it..

5. Smile and you got yourself new buddies - we won't choose sad & gloomy person to be our friend at the first glance. We'll choose those bubbly, smiley and positive people cause we feel happy to have positive aura in our life.

6. Smile and it will be returned - it feels good and it's an unspoken communication between 2 would be friends or strangers.

7. Smile and you'll be more positive yourself - when you smile it is hard to feel unhappy, negative or sad in anyway. Smiling gives you enthusiasm and drive, it is also habit forming.

8. Smile and you'll look attractive - smiling will light up your face and give you the glow of beauty.

9. Smile and people won't forget you - it's a fact that people will remember someone who smile genuinely than a person without traces of emotions.

10. Smile and you'll feel much healthy - smiling release stress, tension and worries so your works will be easier to finish up.

The effects of smiling can last for hours. Whatever problems and challenges you have in your life, smiling temporary puts them and hold. For a while you forget the problems and become positive, and while you are in a positive state you have far more potential and power to advance and improve your life.

Since it's free give it more and you'll be surprise at what you'll get in return.
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