Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Less Study Hard, More Study Smart

UPSR already finish and it's time for PMR and SPM students to buck up cause their timing is nearing. PMR will be on another few weeks time and students should already finish hard core flash back of every subject and just maintaining notes for remembrance.

At this point students should study smart and do a lot of exercise on past years examination to learn tips and tricks of the questions. How can they start on being smart in their studies?

During this crucial moment, students must

1. THINK - start working on a strategy that works in battling every subject of the examination. Different subjects may need different approach. For example, Mathematics need more exercise in doing questions so you could familiarize yourself in solving the problems and which formula to use. Whereas subject such as History need more of the mind map so you can remember about the facts and dates.

2. PLAN - after working on your strategy, you should have a clear picture on what to do during last few weeks prior to your exam. Instead of remembering formula for Math, you do light exercise everyday so you'll be more ready to tackle the tricks of exam's questions. Plan on how many exercise you need to do on each topic. Sometimes you can hear rumors from friends in other states on what will be out. So take it as indicator of topic you need to cover more. 

3. EXECUTE - you have your strategy and plan already in place. Since it's merely weeks away from the real exam, you should already execute it. Don't just read the formula instead you should start doing exercises. Even when you already have note on important facts for subject such as History and Geography, don't just read but look at past years papers. Sometimes the questions is the same but just with different twist in it. Familiarize yourself with answers given for those questions so that you know how it should be answered.

Now you are ready to study SMART. Instead of opening your text books, now you have small notes on important facts and exercises you can do to sharpen your ability to answer. 

Good Luck!  

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